Finally the “Real Deal” - Madeleine The Magician!

The Pied Piper of Magic

Imagine Magic shows that are always perfect for the group for which the magician is performing. Introducing, Madeleine The Magician’s kid magic shows that are actually for kids! Whether it is for young kids or older kids, her shows and are always age and ability appropriate. This charismatic magician’s shows with live doves, her Suspension and Levitation in Mid-Air and of course, her beyond the run-of-the-mill magic, always includes your birthday child as “The Star” and is always filled with a plethora of audience participation that prompts over-the-top excitement, and the over-whelming desire of participation by all. It is a joy to watch Madeleine The Magician as she creates her magic in such a way, that it keeps her audience intrigued and mesmerized throughout the show. That is why, at every one of Madeleine’s magic shows you will hear the kids yell out, “You Really Are Magic!”

Madeleine The Magician has different magic shows for events and parties, large and small. In other words, the appropriate show, for the appropriate audience. Her Strolling and Close Up magic shows for adult birthday parties, office parties, corporate events or functions are extremely engaging, mesmerizing and simply, mind-blowing.

Madeleine The Magician is also known as The Harry Potter Magician because of her performances for J.K. Rowling, all of the Barnes and Noble Harry Potter 12 AM Book Signings and for the Publisher of the Harry Potter 7th book (see the letters on this website). Madeleine The Magician’s all Harry Potter Related Magic Shows, make you feel that you are actually sitting in a classroom at Hogwarts. These shows never include muggle magic, only Wizardry Magic. And of course, there will always be Wingardum Leviosa!

In addition, Madeleine The Magician has been given the gift of reaching children and adults with autism. This magician’s magic is impressive and her gentle spirit is genuinely appealing to everyone, which is just one of the reasons why she is well known and respected by her peers.

Madeleine The Magician will take any party or event and make it magical. She truly is an entertainer!


Thank you so much. Please stay safe and healthy.


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