Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most asked questions I receive from potential clients, I hope this helps. If you do have a question, please feel free to call me.

Are your Virtual Magic Shows for adults or kids?

I have Virtual Magic Shows for adults and I have Virtual Magic Shows for kids.

What kind of Magic Shows do you perform for kids?

I am very well known for my all Harry Potter Fully Interactive Stage-Like Magic Show for kids, where everyone feels as though they are actually at Hogwarts. But I am not limited to only Harry Potter Stage-Like Magic Shows because I also perform Stage-Like Magic Shows that are not HP related. And there are also my Sit-Down Magic Shows for kids which is close up instead of Stage-Like. I also perform Sit-Down Magic Shows for kids which is close up instead of Stage-Like.

What kind of Magic Shows do you perform for adults?

I perform incredible and interactive close up magic mostly with cards, but not limited to just card magic.

Please explain how your adult magic shows are interactive?

I actually ask you to pick a card. This is really cool. I also perform mentalism, where I read your mind. But no matter what kind of magic I may perform for adults, It will be sophisticated when necessary, fun, exciting, interactive and mind-boggling.

Are your Virtual kids Magic Shows interactive or will the kids just sit there and watch you perform?

All of my Magic Shows have a tremendous amount of audience participation.

Do you do something special for my Birthday child?

Absolutely! Your child is The Star of their own Magic Show.

How are your Magic Shows different from the other magicians?

Other magicians do magic in front of a curtain. I perform true Magic Shows in a Stage-Like setting where you feel as though you are sitting in a theater.

Do I have to be a member of Zoom?

No. You just have to download the Zoom app.

How many people can I invite to my show?

With me, unlike others, you are nearly unlimited. You may invite hundreds if you choose, but please realize that only 3 or 4 people can be visible on the screen at a time and only when someone talks, will they be visible when they replace someone else on the screen. I will appear on the largest section of the screen so that my magic will be seen.

Can we talk during the show?

Yes. There is audience participation visually and verbally.

How long is your Magic Show?

I usually suggest a 30 minute Stage-Like Magic Show but my Close Up Magic Shows may be 30 minutes,
45 minutes, 1 hour or longer depending upon circumstances.

What is a Magical Marriage Proposal Show?

I will create the perfect way you can magically ask the person you love to marry you. I will bring Romance and Passion to a new magical level. Imagine proposing marriage to the person you love through the magic I have specifically created for you. This promises to be the very special memory of the lifetime which the two of you will share.  Your engagement ring will magically materialize as I create your perfect moment for you to say, “Will you marry me?”

My Magical Marriage Proposals blend Romance and Passion back into a fairytale!

How can you know what is romantic for me?

It is imperative that we talk and discuss what is important to you. Only after our conversation, will I know which of my Magical Marriage Proposals will be the perfect one for you.

My Magical Marriage Proposal is determined by what we discuss.