Special Needs Kids Magic

Madeleine has been given a gift for being able to reach and entertain children with disabilities and special needs. It is truly a joy to watch Madeleine gain their willingness to help her and do the magic together. She simply captivates their attention through her warmth and gentleness.

“The children’s big smiles and shining eyes told us how much they enjoyed the show.” “To capture and hold the attention of our special needs children is truly a talent — obviously one that you possess.” “You made our special needs kids feel special.” “When I spoke with you on the phone I knew that you would be wonderful but how special you made my daughter feel, brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Madeleine.”

When she preforms for a mixed audience of kids with disabilities and those without disabilities, her mesmerizing magic shows are specifically designed to adapt to the needs of her audience. Madeleine the Magician understands how to change and tailor her performance. As a professional children’s magician with decades of experience, Madeleine prides herself on helping and making each of these kids feel special through their individualized experiences, while still capturing the attention of the entire audience.


Madeleine the Magician is an enthusiastic, devoted, and experienced performer, located in New York, New York, but will travel anywhere. She has dedicated many years to dazzling children of all ages with her talents and energy using the wonder of magic.

Her customized stage shows are full of interactive magic with a focus on audience participation that will keep children of all ages engaged and excited for the entirety of the performance.

Madeleine the Magician offers a real kid’s magic show, where all kids will feel special and remain riveted, excited, and eager to participate. Madeleine the Magician is available to entertain kids of all ages in schools, children’s facilities, private parties, special events, milestone moments and so much more.