About Madeleine The Magician

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to perform for anyone who would watch. My Mom who was my biggest fan and consummate supporter subtly gave me the confidence I needed. So it would stand to reason that when I was on my own, I would give up the idea of becoming a doctor in order to become a starving actress.

So there I was following my desire and performing here and there when my agent called and gave me the opportunity to work for 3 weeks as a dancer with some magicians. And then I fell in love…head over heels in love…but not with the magicians but with the Craft. I knew at that moment that I was hooked. I wanted to become a Magician! After the magicians declined to teach me or inform me as to where I could go to learn magic, I became even more determined to get my answer. Thank goodness that tenacity is my middle name because after months of searching, I found “the magic store”. I still remember the moment when I walked into this store and stood there with the same exact feeling that I had when I was a kid when I walked into my very first candy store…WOW!

And thus began my self-teaching through books as my choice as opposed to DVDs or videos. Welcome to My World of Magic and My Dream.

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